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Red Bull Chekmate

Este evento se realizó hace unas semanas en Austria. Esta es la batalla entre Prodigy y Flow Mo, los ganadores fueron Flow Mo pero las reglas de la batalla son muy divertidas.

La batalla no podrá durar mas de 15 minutos y gana el grupo que mas bboys tenga en la pista

Un bboy hace una salida y otro le responde, el que pierda queda eliminado. Cada grupo tiene un rey y una reina, el rey puede retar a cualquier bboy y la reina si gana puede rescatar a un bboy eliminado


This is a event held in Austria a few weeks ago. Battle betwenn Prodigy and Flow Mo, the winners were Flow Mo but the rules are very fun.

After the first dancer opened the battle one of the enemy crew has to answer. After this 2 runs the judges decide immediately who the better dancer was. The loser has to leave the board. The winner opens the next round.
Now one of the crews counts 4 dancers, the other one still 5. This goes on until one crew has lost all their players.
Another aspect of the game are the special roles.
King and Queen
Two dancers of each crew have a special role. One is the King and the other one the Queen.
This roles can be changed after each battle but not during the battle!
The King:
The king can call out a certain dancer of the opposing crew. This dancer has to answer the run of the king.
The Queen:
The queen has the ability to revive dancers and get them back to the board. Every time the queen wins a run, a lost dancer can get back to the game. It doesn’t matter if she start or answer a run. Another special of the queen is that she can't kick dancers of the board, she can only revive dancers! So if you lose against her you don’t have to leave the board.
The Battle Opening:
In the very first round of the battle the king or queen aren’t allowed to enter the board. So the first round decides who can use them first. The crew that has to begin the battle is chosen randomly.
Battle time:
Maximum 15 minutes battle time. The Crew with the most dancers on the field is the winner.
Routines count as normal run and need to be start and finished with the same solo dancer. If you lose with your routine, this solo dancer has to leave the board. If you start a routine with your whole crew, a solo dancer has to finish the routine at the end.
Commandos (switches been dancers while a run):
Commandos aren’t allowed anymore! Sorry guys.
Call Outs by the king:
Call Outs are face to face battles between the king and a call out dancer. No routines or commandos! Call Outs need to be clearly shown at the beginning of the run

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